Daily News Segment – CTM #698 – With John B Wells

Episode 699 – Harley Schlanger & Josh Peck
Full Episode – https://caravantomidnight.com/episode-699-harley-schlanger-josh-peck/

Thursday March 2nd 2017

In this edition we welcome Harley Schlanger on board followed by Josh Peck. Harley explains what “Junk Bonds” are and what they do, or do not do. He also outlines three-points which would help end the majority of conflicts that are affecting the world, and addresses the ponzi schemes that take place on the governmental level. Then, Josh Peck returns and discusses the “Flat Earth Theory”, and how the theory divides people, not only scientifically, but politically and spiritually. He also touches on subjects to be covered at the Hear the Watchman Conference that is coming at the end of the month.

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