Crowd Cheers at Man Who Tells Mccain “I’d Have You All Arrested For Treason” at Town Hall Meeting




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Kristan T. Harris | September 10, 2013 | 12:13 pm

The Rundown Live #95 Blaine CooperOn Thursday we had Blaine Cooper on The Rundown Live and we spoke about the war on Syria as well as the FBI detaining him due to anti-government facebook posts and activism. In cases like Brandon Raub we saw how quick the government is to slap the mental patient label on anyone who opposes the globalist train of thought and medicate the heck out of you. On Friday, the day after our interview,  Blaine attended a town hall meeting hosted by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Blaine confronted the senator on Friday in Prescott, AZ as seen in the video below.

We the people want you to be representative of the people and for this great nation, but for far too long now on the rest of Congress, including the executive branch of government, along with the judicial and legislative have turned your back on the American people and their core values and principles. I can say with great confidence and speak on behalf of all Americans that your actions against this country are treasonous. All of you against the will of the American people  have aided and abetted the enemy,” said in a passionate tone.

Attendees erupted  in cheers and you can hear the establishment republicans booing quickly to cover up the call of treason by Blaine Cooper. For those booing you should keep in mind war is never conservative. A over reached army is more government and that subsequently is the opposite of conservatism. We should also consider that this is a globalist agenda and one that does not benefit the American people however the foreign lobbyists that fund our politicians. John McCain obviously was caught off guard and sent out looks that could kill in the general direction of the cheering crowd. The same look you received from your mother as a child when you took too much mashed potatoes at the dinner table. The problem is McCain is not your mother nor is the government your family.

Blaine Cooper went on.

You and the rest of Congress, including the president of the United States have went against the will your people in Syria regardless of your position and vote, whether it is a yes or no is still a political smokescreen,” the town hall attendee said to an irritated McCain. “I believe wholeheartedly you do not care about the will and well-being of America or its people. You lied the American people about the chemical attacks in Syria. The American people know that it was our government that is most likely responsible. There is strong evidence, including video, that these attacks were carried out by al Qaeda and you advocate starting a war, even maybe World War, by taking the same attack and blaming it on Assad.DecalTruthIsTreason3x5__12203.1374031848.1280.1280

You swore an oath to protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” he said. “The simple irony is that the domestic enemy, now in this country, is the people in government, the Untied States. And McCain, you and the rest of the leaders are accountable for their actions. It is too bad that someone like me is not in office to hold you accountable. Because if I was in a position of power or authority, I would have you all arrested and tried for treason against my country.

If you and the rest of this government are truly for the American people and representatives of us, I suggest this time you listen because nobody wants another war or strike in Syria or anywhere else,” Cooper said.

I am truly disgusted that you people are my leaders,” Cooper was met with a mix of boos and cheers. The point is people are starting to wake up and realize that Obama is not any better/worse than Bush but just more of the same. Globalist and bank funded.

This is not the only time that John McCain has been hung out to dry on this town hall tour. McCain was confronted just days earlier by a former Syrian Jumana Hadeed who now lives in the United States. She said she considered herself a longtime McCain supporter.

In the video below you can see Jumana Hadeed explain

I had a cousin who is 18 years old, just was killed 10 days ago by the so-called rebels and al-Qaeda, and they’re not Syrian. They’re coming to Syria from all over the world to fight this. We cannot afford to do that. We cannot afford to turn Syria into another Iraq or Afghanistan. I beg you,” Hadeed said.

Hadeed’s passionate pleas drew applause from many of the other town hall participants.

All I can tell you is that I, too, have been to Syria, I, too, know the people who are fighting there. I met them, I know them and I know who they are,” McCain responded. “And I know Syria well enough to know that it is a moderate nation. It is not a nation that will embrace these foreign fighters, but to say that Bashar Assad is anything but a merciless butcher, then we have a strong disagreement.”

World Net Daily reported that congress has received thousands of calls as high as 499-1 against the Syrian war.

What does it say about America when the only support we can get for a war in Syria  are the people who flew Airplanes into the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Would Al-Qaeda be better than Assad to run Syria? How can we afford this war when we are 17 trillion in debt?

Also if our Tax dollars are funding Al-Qaeda why do we still need drones, license plate readers, Tsa, Check points, DHS, Tanks on our streets, police in Stormship Trooper gear and the NSA?

If  Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are treasonous for giving the American public information what do you call politicians who are  funding Al Qaeda?

Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” ~ George Orwell