Could Psychedelic Drugs Be Good For You?

Were Ancient People On Hallucinogens?

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Certain hallucinogens have been used to cure a number of illnesses and scientists are pushing for more leniency to study them. So, could Psychedelics Be Good for You?

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Norwegian Researchers Are Crowdfunding to Make Psychedelics and MDMA Free for Global Medical Use
“As European and American non-profit groups are turning towards crowdfunding to bankroll research into the medical application of psychoactive substances, one recent Norwegian campaign is aiming to dwarf all previous efforts.”

The Trip Treatment
“On an April Monday in 2010, Patrick Mettes, a fifty-four-year-old television news director being treated for a cancer of the bile ducts, read an article on the front page of the Times that would change his death.”

The Potential Of Psilocybin To Alleviate Psychological And Spiritual Distress in Cancer Patients Is Revealed
“Improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in recent years have led to a marked increase in patients’ physical survival rates. ”

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Were Ancient People On Hallucinogens?

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