Cops See Man Open Carry, ‘Check Him Out’

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

While visiting Auburn, WA, a guns right activist and open carrier, noticed he was being photographed or filmed by a person in uniform.

“I was across the street from the courthouse. I decided to film back. This is my encounter.” according to LiveLeak.

After the police encounter, the activist contacted APD, as well as the deputy mayor.

“I commended the officers for not breaking the law and honoring their oaths. I make it a point to publicly appreciate all officers who do not step outside the scope of their duties and prohibit free Americans from remaining free.”

During the video the officers can be seen taking pictures with their personal devices, and asking the man “what organization is he from?

Check out WA State Open Carry Tips with the shots from Rogue Reflections. The filmmaker of this video in Auburn, WA