Comedian Bill Burr Exposes Bilderberg Group and Illuminati on Conan

Bill Burr Exposes that Hillary attended Bilderberg Meetings on Conan O’Brien

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Conan O’Brien asked comedian Bill Burr recently if there was a need for politicians to show an authentic human side more often.

The popular comedian detailed how he believes there is no real difference between a Republican presidential candidate and a Democrat presidential candidate these days. He went on to expose that Hillary attends an illuminati business meeting known as the Bilderberg Group Meetings.

“Do you think politicians should let their human side come out?” Conan asked Burr. “Well I mean…I don’t think it matters who is president. I am one of those people, I don’t think it really matters, does it?” It doesn’t?”

“It doesn’t?” Conan prodded. “Dude, Hillary Clinton goes to those Bilderberg Meetings, that’s like the illuminati stuff right? She probably hooked up with some guy with a goats head and then she goes out on TV and she is talking to people who drive snow plows like she can relate to them.” Burr claimed on the late night television show.

The Bilderberg Group meetings are shrouded in secrecy and have been in existence since 1954. The esoteric conference is held annually in different locations around the world. These meetings are invite only and usually include top like-minded individuals in media, business, science, military, healthcare and politics. What goes on in these meetings for the most part is a secret minus a few acquired documents from universities and hotel workers.

Republicans have been under similar fire in the past due to their attendance to a similar organization called the Bohemian Club — which is also held annually by many of the same individuals involved in the Bilderberg Group.

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