Co-Op Farmers Forced to Dump Produce for Operating Without License

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

A Michigan co-op farm was forced to dump out hundreds of dollars of perfectly good products.

Not because it had made anyone sick, but because their co-op was operating without a license.

The state of Michigan prevented them from providing fresh food to people across the state.

The farmers Brenda & Joe Golimbieski told WNEM :

“I had to walk away and cry,” , “So many people and kids without food and this is wasted. For no reason,” ,  “It’s perfectly healthy, people want it. People want raw fresh produce,” Brenda Golimbieski said.

Joe Golimbieski said, “MDA basically raided a truck and seized all of the product on the truck,” , “Everything is safe. There were never any issues with quality,” , “It’s just a waste, wasted milk and plastic. People didn’t get their food,” , “We have a right to our food the way we want it. Not the way they want it.”