City of London Corporation, Super Rich Elite

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London has the most billionaires in the world, and Britain has more billionaires than any other country.

London is home to 72 of Britain’s 104 billionaires, Moscow comes in second place with 48 people worth the equivalent of 1 billion pounds or more.

New York is in third place with 43 billionaires, San Francisco in fourth place with 42, Los Angeles next with 38 and Hong Kong in sixth place with 34.

Most of the wealth has interests in oil, banking, the automotive industry, property, chemicals, music, and the media.

This year is the first year the minimum wealth of Britain’s 50 richest people has topped 1.5 billion pounds.

Only 700 million pounds was needed to join the exclusive club a decade ago.

Britain’s 104 billionaires have a total wealth of 301.13 billion pounds, 88 years ago the worth was approximately 245.66 billion pounds.

Britain’s largest food bank network, said the number of people that had approached them for emergency food had risen 163 percent in the year to the end of March to just over 913,000 people.




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