City of Cincinnati Wont Accept Pennies as Legal Tender to Pay 50$ Parking Ticket

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Watch the city of Cincinnati refuse to accept pennies as a form of payment for Forest Thomer’s recent fines & tickets.

Cops have given Forest Thomer a hard time for awhile, saying it’s against the law to use profanity, say crippled, shine a pink t-rex on buildings, and even against the law to park or drive with a decal that says “MotherFucker” in large letters, wasting tax dollars fighting him in court over nonsense.

Pennies are legal tender and Thomer decided to give the city 5000 pennies that were counted and rolled for payment.

The city denied him, and actually gave Thomer a piece of paper that said businesses don’t have to accept payments.

In essence this is proof the city of Cincinnati is a for profit business corporation that can do whatever they want.

Thomer claims:

I’m tired of these bullies shitting on me and thinking it’s okay to shit on you! Justice, the law, what is and isn’t legal… they’re fucking assholes and if you don’t make it a point to fight them, they will continue to be corrupt crooks destroying our city.

Check out Forest’s YouTube Channel here.

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