CIA Training Manual Leaked: How to Travel with a Fake I.D.


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Wikileaks has published two classified documents from an undisclosed Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) office. The documents instruct CIA agents on how to travel with fake identification and how to beat checkpoints at international airports, including those in Europe.

The first manual “Surviving Secondary”, informs undercover CIA operatives on how to avoid and overcome screening at different airports around the world.

Wikileaks describes its purpose in detail on the first page:

Download the PDF for CIA Assessment on Surviving Secondary Screening

“This is a secret document produced by the CIA’s CHECKPOINT Identity and Travel Intelligence Program to explain and advise CIA operatives on how to deal with secondary screening at airports, as they travel to and from covert CIA operations using false ID, including into and out of Europe. The document details specific examples of operatives being stopped under secondary screening at various ariports around the world; how and why the person was stopped and offers advice on how to deal with such circumstances and minimise the risks if stopped to continue maintaining cover. The document was created for distribution within the organisation and other officials who hold appropriate clearances at Executive Branch Departments/Agencies of the US Government. The document’s overarching predominant advice is to maintain cover, “no matter what”.”

The second manual “CIA Advice for US Government Operatives Infiltrating Schengen”, informs agents on the risks  of traveling within Schengan, including border-control points, watchlist systems and biometric censors.

Wikileaks summarizes the documents contents as:

Download the PDF for CIA Advice for Operatives Infiltrating Schengen

“a secret CIA review explaining and giving advice to US Government clandestine operatives regarding travel in the Schengen area of the EU. The review outlines, explains and details the risks to US operatives of the border crossing status within Schengen, as they travel to conduct covert operations in the region. It includes the various border-control and watchlist systems. It explains what border officials are trained to look for in travellers, and specifically describes Schengen collection and useage of biometric data.”