Chinese company builds 57-story skyscraper in 19 Days

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

A 57-story building made from prefabricated blocks was finished at a record speed of 19 days.

The skyscraper, in southeast China, was built with energy-efficient, factory-produced blocks at the speed of three stories per day.

According to RT:

The company claims that the building is eco-conscious as the use of the Lego-like prefabricated blocks reduces the use of concrete by 15,000 trucks and almost no dust was released.

With air pollution being one of the most troubling issues in the country of over 1.3 billion people, the company claims that all of the air inside the building is cleaner than outside due to the tight construction and built-in air conditioning system.

Initially, the Chinese company planned to build a 97-story building, but the height was lowered to 57 stories due to the proximity to the local airport. The project also had a major delay for one year in the middle of the construction as officials reviewed the plans.

This is not the first time the Chinese Broad Sustainable company aimed to set a speed record – in 2012 it accomplished the construction of a 30-story building in Changsha in just 15 days.

Chinese WinSun company, made 10 full-size houses using a huge 3D printer in the space of a day.

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