Chicago’s Homan Square “Black Site” Exposed!

Does knowing that a CIA-caliber torture facility exists on U.S. soil — which is intended exclusively for Americans — make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Or, like a good ol’ waterboarding, does it send chills down your spine?


Andrew Demeter is a young American political activist, amateur filmmaker, entrepreneur, journalist, and author. His documentary ‘We The People, Genetically-Modified?’ won first prize in C-SPAN’s 2014 StudentCam competition. To collect the award, he visited the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. where he met and questioned former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on matters concerning the National Security Agency’s metadata collection. He recorded the short confrontation with his mobile phone, and the video subsequently went viral online. American radio host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones has glorified Demeter as “a successful, young journalist…just by asking real questions!”.