Car Hacked Using a Laptop and OnStar

Kristan T Harris | The Rundown Live

According to the report by CBS, DARPA engineers have hacked an Impala’s OnStar system using a laptop, transmitted data that confused the vehicle’s computer, and then planted a virus that allowed it to reprogram control systems on the Engine Control Unit(ECU).

The malicious  software allowed the laptop user to do everything from turn on the windshield wipers, honk the horn, and even control the throttle and brakes, directing the Impala through the line of cones.

DARPA, the government agency responsible for these tests,  are working to eliminate vulnerability to these vehicles.

“Cars today are loaded with computers networked to each other, and those can be hacked remotely. In a dramatic demonstration, he and his colleagues use a laptop computer to hack into a car being driven by Stahl. Much to her surprise, they were able to take control of many of the car’s functions, including the braking and acceleration.”, CBS reported.