Can States Ignore Federal Law?


On February 8th, Alabama’s Chief Justice Roy Moore issued a last-minute order to state probate judges to deny granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This directly conflicted with a federal court decision on January 23rd, which legalized gay marriage in the state of Alabama. So, what happens now? Are states able to defy federal law?

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Ala chief justice tells judges: Refuse gay marriage licenses
“Alabama appeared set within hours to become the 37th state where gays can legally wed, prompting one couple to pitch a tent outside a courthouse even as the state’s chief justice made an 11th hour bid to keep the weddings on hold Monday.”

State vs. Federal Law: Who Really Holds the Trump Card?
“Gay marriage, medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, immigration… the list goes on and on of laws that are supposed to be decided state by state. Yes, you may say, “Well they are.” Truth is, no they aren’t.”

Judicial defiance in Alabama: Same-sex marriages begin, but most counties refuse
“On the day that same-sex unions became legal in Alabama, local officials in dozens of counties on Monday defied a federal judge’s decision and refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, casting the state into judicial chaos.”

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The bias of the Supreme Court

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