Can Nature Inspire The Safest Architecture?

Why do engineers look to the natural world for guidance when designing infrastructure? Does nature hold the ultimate construction secrets?

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Mathematical Model Of A Momentless Arch
“This paper presents a mathematical model for predicting the geometrical shapes of rigid, two-pin, moment-less arches of constant cross section. The advancement of this work lies in the inclusion of arch self-weight and the ability to produce moment-less arch forms for any span/rise ratio, and any ratio of uniformly distributed load per unit span, w, to uniformly distributed arch weight per unit arch length, q.”

Nine Incredible Buildings Inspired By Nature
“Advances in digital technology and most recently 3D printing have meant architecture can now boast shapes and structures inspired by the natural world that would have once been impossible.”

130 Years Later, Modern Software Helps Complete Gaudi’s Architectural Masterpiece
“Construction on the Sagrada Familia began in 1883, when famed architect Antoni Gaudi first laid the blueprint for his now-iconic Barcelona church. Gaudi devoted his last years to the project, and 130 years later, it’s widely regarded as one of the most stunningly unique buildings on Earth. It also has yet to be completed.”


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