Burning Man Withdrawals

Brought to you by The Black Rock City Foundation for Withdrawal Symptoms Awareness

Having trouble fitting into the default world? The good news is there is no default world. Follow these simple steps to bring the magic of Burning Man back home: Watch the sunset, wear a dress, express yourself, play with your balls, go for a hike, connect with your neighbors, and share with others.

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Featuring, in order of appearance:

Andrew Delman
Greg Washburn
Mitch Lewis
Sam Comen
Nikolas Kazoura
A Chili Can
Benny Wills
Garrett Mendez
Teri Wills
Kevin Kostelnik
Rita Rowe
Curt Merlot

Filmed by Nikolas Kazoura, Kevin Kostelnik, Michael Kostelnik.
Produced by Joy Camp