Boston Bombing Attorney: Video of Tsarnaev Setting Down Backpack “Does Not Exist”

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Do you remember seeing the video of Zhokhar Tsarnaev laying down his backpack right before the explosion took place at the Boston marathon bombing? If not, you’re not alone.

The Washington Post reports that “ if you think you haven’t seen it, you are right. In fact, it may not exist at all.

The alleged video first made its way into headlines when Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on “Meet the Press” on April 21, two days after Tamerland Tsarnaev died following a shootout with police and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured.

Show host David Gregory posed this question: “Is there anything on the videotape that maybe the public hasn’t seen about his reaction that was particularly telling that moved the investigation along?”

Patrick immediately responded saying he had not seen the videotape.

But, he said, “it does seem to – to be pretty clear that – that this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off, and, and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion. So pretty, pretty clear about his, his involvement and pretty chilling, frankly, as it was described to me.”

During a hearing on final pretrial motions David Bruck, defense attorney for Tsarnaev, said the video of Zhokhar Tsarnaev laying down his backpack prior to the explosion “does not exist”.

David Bruck pleaded Monday stating that, “If it existed, prosecutors would use it as evidence. If they were going to do that, they would have had to turn it over to the defense a long time ago. Apparently, they have not.”

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