Black Lives Matter Leader is a White Man Pretending to Be Black – Shaun King EXPOSED!

Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King, who claims to identify as black and biracial, has been discovered to be actually white! King is apparently pretending to be black just like Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who “identifies” as black, who was the had of the NAACP, the national association for the advancement of colored people.

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  • archie7699

    Ask him to submit to a DNA test. Psychologists should be having a field day studying white people who pretend to be Black. There are common elements and patterns among these people. They remain in complete denial and lie when uncovered. There are elements of self-loathing and hatred for one’s own race (which can be found among Blacks as well). And also an innate desire to gain attention. They become “activists” and don’t put on the charade quietly. They’re always loud and assume positions that will get them attention. Dolezal probably felt neglected as all of her younger siblings were adopted Blacks at the time she entered adolescence. So she became Black and even tried to convince herself of the lie. I don’t think this is a mental illness but it is definitely some type of neurosis that needs to be identified. It’s more than being a phony. Such people are sick in some way.