Bizarre Skeletons Unearthed In Russian Mound, Satyr and Giant Horse


Archaeologists discover what they believe to be remains of the mythological creature known as a Satyr.

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Stavropol archaeologists have discovered odd skeletons when opening an ancient mound in Stavropol Krai, Russia, that will have fantasy fans thrilled. The first odd skeleton removed from the mound seemed “Satyr like” according to Russia HTB.

When the skeleton was discovered by Sergey Savenko, he thought that there is “no scientific explanation for what was just unearthed.”  What if Stavropol archaeologists have discovered a previously unknown anomalous creature to mankind?” Savenko described the skeleton as having a goat like body with a human head.

Relatively close to the Satyr like skeleton the expedition accidentally unearthed the remains of a horse of epic proportions. The warhorse was of giant size with a shoulder span of almost two meters and was buried with honors uncharacteristic for an animal in that period.

Anna Shvyreva, Department of Nature in the Stavropol Museum stated: “A special bath shrine was dug in the ground for this horse. It was filled with grass, and horse was on its back in the tub. ”

The skeleton was sent for examination and expert anthropologists – have refuted any fantastic theories of this being a Saytr, – have not disclosed their results of their tests to the public.

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