Bill Gates: Government Spying Isn’t Bad

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The Philanthropist Bill Gates has strong opinions when it comes to world poverty, agriculture, education, vaccines, and now he is in on government spying.

Gates claims the U.S. needs to find a balance point between protecting citizens privacy and identifying national security threats like terrorism.

Even going as far to say “How much should people know about the various programs?

“At the end of the day…we want to stop terrorism, we want to see if someone’s talking about nuclear weapons, or bio terrorism or various bad things,” Gates said. “So it’s not as though government surveillance is absolutely bad in all cases…I think it’s a valuable debate and I do think we can balance the two goals.

Gates has pronounced that by 2035, no nation would be as poor as the 35 poorest nations in the world today, as classified by the World Bank.

Let it be known the Chinese believed Microsoft has been spying on them and others since at least 2003.