Bill Gates Denies Common Core’s Failure, Provides Victim Statements


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Top supporter and the financial mind behind common core standards, billionaire Bill Gates, is firing back against those who oppose standardization and globalization in our local educational systems. Gates appeared on This Week Sunday morning defending common core program. Bill Gates provided victim statements over the program’s failure, blaming it on “confusion” and “various conservative groups” in some states. It’s not just conservatives who are concerned. Democrat Rosa Koire has been speaking out against common core standards for many years.

Gates insisted Common Core isn’t a “federal take-over of education”, and that the curriculum doesn’t “tell teachers how to do their job”.  However, one may ask why corporations are influencing our children’s curriculum and classroom environment through lobbying?

Teachers do not have the flexibility to implement an alternative curriculum customized towards local community needs. Not all children learn at the same pace or the same way.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, says, “You think the Obamacare implementation is bad? The implementation of Common Core is far worse.”

Gates went on to provide more excuses over students failing the new test standards, blaming it on educators teaching style prior to Common Core. Gates called the former more successful program in place rudimentary causing students to be unable to catch up. Bill Gates solution? Gates says the program needs a “smarter” implementation. I wonder how many years Bill Gates spent teaching children education.

Here are some of the dire implications of Common Core State Standards for students:

  • More time spent taking standardized tests
  • „More time preparing for standardized tests
  • Less inspiration from teachers, because they’re restricted in lesson plans and delivery of material
  • „Less time spent in creative endeavors like Music,  Art, Creative Writing, etc.
  • „Less one-on-one time with teachers
  • More time on collective projects with other students
  • „Students and Teachers are seen more as peers
  • „Constructivism and Deconstruction
  • „Students will not start with Algebra until 9th grade and it will be nearly impossible to do Calculus before graduating high school.
  • „Students will be exposed to fewer great works of literature and more emphasis will be placed on factual material
  • „CCSS admits it prepares students for technical school, NOT college


Here are just a few of the dire implications of Common Core State Standards for teachers:

  • „CCSS has embedded pedagogy or “how to teach” information that mandates exactly what and how teachers should teach
  • „Assessments will ensure that teachers follow the embedded pedagogy to the letter or they will suffer consequences
  • „Performance of students on CCSS standardized tests will impact merit pay and promotions for teachers
  • „Teachers will not be able to individualize curriculum to students
  • „Teachers will not be able to be creative in how they deliver lessons
  • „Teachers and Students seen as peers
  • Education now more about filling a bucket than lighting a fire


The following pictures are gleaned from an article on the US Department of Education website.  Children being poked, prodded and wired as suggested below is likely to make many students feel like lab rats. None of this is conducive to real education, but appears to be consistent with an attempt to obsessively collect meta data and track individuals throughout life.

education-sensors-525x281( see pages 62 & 63 of pdf for pictures and associated comments)

So where does this Common Core madness originate from? Common Core Standards spawns from communitarian bill U.N. Agenda 21, signed into agreement in Rio de Janeiro, 3-14th June 1992.  Communitarianism is the concept of surrendering individual rights for best interest of the community. This includes individual rights, private property rights, natural resource rights and even your children. This is done through “Smart Growth and “Sustainable Development“.


Common core education is informing parents their children “Do not belong to the parents, however belong to the community”.