Big Brother: River Islands to Include Government Check Points, License Plate Readers and Surveillance Grid


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live330287

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department has coordinated in conjunction with the city manager of River Islands to create a high-tech Orwellian city touted as a “safe haven”. The new California city, River Islands, includes a state-of-the-art surveillance grid including security checkpoints, remote one-way speakers and a fiber optic video surveillance grid.

The cameras come armed with facial recognition ability which will subsequently scan license plates and will cross-reference your driving records with the local the DMV Database. Meta Data will be stored in the local fusion center which will be shared among government agencies. The speakers will be used by local police to shout orders and scare people local police deem suspicious or may be conglomerating  in the late night. This suggests that local authorities will be watching you around the clock.

Would you lose your right to privacy in the defense of security? What if no amount of security  could guarantee your safety?