Bernie Sanders Fires Up Student Grassroots Movement After Campaign Live Stream Kickoff

After Senator Bernie Sanders’ (D. VT) huge campaign live stream, grassroots activists started organizing GOTV efforts on UCLA ‘s campus in support of the presidential candidate. Subscribe to Opposing Views for more news coverage ►

Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, launched the first ever campaign kickoff event via live stream to over 3,000 watch parties across the country.

Sanders has been hitting the campaign trail speaking to huge crowds across the country. The Democratic candidate has been running on an populist platform that includes raising taxes on the rich, tackling income inequality, a single payer health care system, investing in America’s crumbling infrastructure, debt free college, breaking up Too Big To Fail Wall Street banks and serious campaign finance reform. He also discussed America’s growing racial tensions and police brutality, referring to the recent case involving Sandra Bland’s arrest and death in a Texas jail.

We had the privilege to attend the live streaming event held by Bruins for Bernie, a grassroots group composed of UCLA students who are dedicated to helping get out the vote for Senator Sanders.

Their plans include utilizing social media to spread information about the campaign, getting their fellow students registered to vote and reaching out to Latino and minority voters to help build a strong coalition of support for the Senator from Vermont.

The grassroots attendees also expressed their support for Sanders on some very key issues.

The Sanders event was even able to win over a few older Democratic voters who were leaning towards supporting Clinton.

While members of the grassroots event acknowledged they would support Clinton if she were the nominee, they also made it clear that she doesn’t excite them as much as Sanders does.

While Clinton still remains the clear frontrunner in the Democratic primary and continues to lead all of her Republican rivals, a recent poll showed Sanders with a double digit lead over GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, and a competitive race between Sanders and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

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