BASE Jump Off the One World Trade Center


Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

The Manhattan district attorney’s office plans to charge the four who were involved in a BASE jump.

Four men involved in the World Trade Center jump will be charged with burglary. Other charges are possible.

Three men took part in predawn jump, which took place six months ago, while the fourth person stood lookout.

Last week a teenager from New Jersey climbed to the very top of the World Trade Center.

Two of the men were caught on surveillance cameras wearing all black, the men had parachutes with them,  investigators were not aware at the time if they came from a building or plane.

The men were eventually caught after police used search warrants to find footage of the event.

Security at 1 World Trade Center remained lax nearly six months after the skydivers jumped drew harsh criticism from a lawyer representing one of the men. They’ve made no efforts to fix the hole in the fence to the No. 1 terror target in the world.

Certainly it should be embarrassing to the city that after six months they’ve been investigating this and yet they’ve made no efforts to fix the hole in the fence to the No. 1 terror target in the world,” attorney, Timothy Parlatore, said.

Attorney, Andrew Mancilla, said skydiving from the tower was “harmless.”

My client intended no harm,” Mancilla said. “There was no harm caused and he wants nothing more than to put this behind him.”

+++MUST HAVE PHOTO CREDIT JOE FERRUCCI+++Base jumper Andrew Rossig. Rossig was part iof a base jumping stunt at Freedom Tower on September 30, 2014+++MUST HAVE PHOTO CREDIT JOE FERRUCCI+++
Justin Alexander Casquejo allegedly slipped past four layers of WTC security and spent two hours atop the tallest building in the United States, until he was finally discovered by a construction worker.March 20, 2014.

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