Awesome! Virginia Wants To Pay You To Keep Bees

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In Virginia, a new grant has been established to promote bee keeping in the state. The Virginia General Assembly has created the Beehive Grant Fund, where people can apply for a grant to cover the cost of purchasing a new hive or the materials necessary to construct new hives.

The grant pays $200 per hive and will not exceed $2,400 per person per year.

Norfolk Beekeepers Association President Frank Walker says that the new grant will likely encourage more people to keep beehives.

“The goal is to try and encourage more people to buy beekeeping equipment and get involved in bee keeping because it’s vital – the honey bee is one of our greatest natural resources,” Walker said.

“All your fruits and vegetables are pollinated by honeybees. I just look at fuel today – how we have to buy fuel from another source,” Walker explained. “ If we lose the ability to grow our own food locally, it’s going to impact the cost of it.”

John Schonk, a small-scale beekeeper from Norfolk, VA, has already heard people interested in the state grant program.

“I’ve already talked to people who know that I’m a bee keeper and they’ve heard about the grant program and they’ve said, ‘What can I do to get started in bees?” Schonk explained.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to check out the Norfolk Beekeepers Association here or the Tidewater Beekeepers Association here.

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