Australia “Thunderstorm Asthma” Symptoms Persist: Looks Like Biowarfare Experiments of SF

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Severe asthma attacks swept across Australia in November 2016, leading to about 8,500 recorded hospitalizations and 8 deaths. To explain this, the media called it “thunderstorm asthma,” with some alleged experts claiming pollen was stirred up by a storm. This doesn’t make sense because even they say there was not an unusual amount of pollen.

In the proper context, this looks exactly like biowarfare, or some experiment: it looks just like Operation Sea Spray, where San Francisco was sprayed with bacteria in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Australian residents are reporting symptoms continuing for a few months now, while they also witness their skies being sprayed, as the US and most of the world can observe spraying in the skies thought to be mostly geoengineering.

Sydney, Australia resident and Era of Wisdom researcher Lauren Ekailec is personally experiencing the symptoms of this, as are many of her friends. She says: “I have been feeling some difficulty taking a deep breath in lately, a tightness in my chest, almost wheezing. I am not asthmatic and never have been.”

As a resident of Northern California, I can personally confirm that chemtrails are being sprayed here, and it leaves a distinct metallic, plastic smell in the air, in the moisture when it rains, and this smell is followed by an ill feeling in the stomach, the chills, a feverish feeling, and other flu-like symptoms.

As we documented when spraying activity accelerated in 2016, flu-like symptoms are not difficult to observe after spraying. However, the chemtrail smell being present in moisture is new, and the stomach illness feeling is also new, to me at least.

Previously, the rain would make the smell go away, and the symptoms as well. As of two months ago, the rain and moisture in the air now strongly contain the chemtrail smell, and they cause some kind of stomach flu symptoms.

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