Email Scam Targets Luke Rudkowski with Child Porn

Mike Paczesny

**UPDATE** 7/4/13

Luke Rudkowski**the email that tried to set me up with Child Porn at the border is if anyone can find who this person is, I would be eternally grateful**


A few hours before making this video, Luke Rudkowski of received an email from an anonymous sender claiming to be a Bilderberg whistle blower with attached photos from inside the 2013 Bilderberg meeting at the Grove Hotel in Watford, England. Luke opened the email from another computer and the email stated that he was a whistle-blower and wanted Luke to break the story so he was sending him these photos exclusively and specifically stated that Luke needed to download the photos. Fortunately before downloading, Yahoo gives a preview of the photos and the photos were actually graphic child pornography. Luke has had his computer searched by forensics when going into Canada to cover the G20 when they searched him and interrogated him for hours, something like this could happen again when we come back to the U.S. from traveling Europe. Had this been the case, even with deleting, they would still find the images. There would be no understanding of the true story and he would be facing a felony charge. Besides that also completely jeopardizing his work, reputation and livelihood. We wanted to make this public for Luke’s safety and also for people to be aware that this kind of thing happens. We do not know who this was, all we know is that it is so important for anyone in this line of work to remain extremely vigilant.

Luke mentions Mike Paczesny of We Are Change Milwaukee and this issue from last years G8 Meeting in Chicago which includes the detainment of 3 separate chapters of We Are Change at various times.

This is dangerous work because of the people we are dealing with, support alternative media.






  • Adaya Marcel

    Just a thought….Is there any way that this is some evidence of horrific actions happening at Builderberg? There is a lot of info out there about the elites doing heinous things like having “abuse parties”. I am so glad that you were wise enough to not get trapped, but also look into other places, like with David Icke about the possibility it is real evidence about some of the monstrous goings on with the elite. So sorry you had to witness such abuse of children!!

  • Nadia

    You are smart and brave and I admire you.

  • Bringles

    maybe child porno is what is going on there

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  • It’s long past time to bring out the big guns.

    Tails is an open source bootable DVD or USB drive that allows you to surf the web totally anonymously.

    While you can download data to a separate flash drive if you wish, the Tails OS saves NOTHING of your session. There are no traces left on the hard drive of the computer.

    Also, if you choose to save something, it can be encrypted first.