Ark Midnight #19 – A Red Nation Rising

Our guest today: Donna Feducia and Don Neuen

While the proverbial “fan” is still in tact – join me and Brendi Richards this evening for some intensive chatting – OPEN LINES – We want to talk to you for some real on the ground “we the people” talk!
This is no time to park the Ark – I’ll be in the left seat ready to get it going – plan to be on board! – Talking points:

Real Temperature check – How do you really feel about our future in America
The current state of mainstream media in America
The Elections (the good, the bad and the ugly)
Trump accusations and the “what ifs”
Have you been to a Trump or Clinton rally?
How close do you think we are to WWIII?
Are you planning ahead for the outcome of this election? (either way it goes?)
Come talk to US – for some level headed conversation without the media agenda

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