Are You A Target For ISIS Recruitment?

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ISIS numbers have grown unfathomably well since the terrorist groups inception. How are they able to recruit so well and who are their targets? Have they tried to recruit you?

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How ISIS’s $2B Budget Helps It Recruit Western Teenagers To Terrorism:

“A decade ago al Qaeda would meet potential recruits face to face; now ISIS engages in one-to-one dialogue while sat 2,000 miles away.”

ISIS And The Lonely Young American:

“Alex, a 23-year-old Sunday school teacher and babysitter, was trembling with excitement the day she told her Twitter followers that she had converted to Islam.”

ISIS Excels At Recruiting American Teens: Here Are Four Reasons Why:

“Three Denver schoolgirls skipped class Friday to fly to Turkey to join ISIS. A 19-year-old American nurse aid planned to travel to the Turkish border to marry an ISIS member she met on the Internet.”

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