Are Hackers Good Or Bad?

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Hacking and the internet go hand in hand. Where there is information to be taken or exposed, hackers will be there. But is that a necessarily always bad thing? Or is some information best kept secret?

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How Did The Internet Get So Fast?:

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World’s First Hacker Identified:

“New Scientist has named what it considers the world’s first hacker who managed to find a security hole in Marconi’s wireless telegraph and used it to show the inventor up.”

Anonymous: The Secret Group’s 5 Biggest Hacks:

“Anonymous, the shadowy group of hackers that grew out of an anarchic message board on the website 4chan, has made headlines quite a bit in recent months.”

Anonymous Attacks ISIS Supporters Online:

“The war against ISIS has spread to the Internet — where hackers have led an online onslaught against supporters of the Islamic State.”

Radiolab: Long Distance:

“In the mid-1950’s, a blind seven-year-old boy named Joe Engressia Jr. made a discovery that changed his own life and many others. While idly dialing information on the family telephone, he heard a high-pitched tone in the background and started whistling along with it.”

A Short History Of “Hack”:

“A psychologist wants to tell us how to ‘hack the happiness molecule.’ The Web site Lifehacker offers tips on ‘how to install a laundry chute,’ ‘make a DIY rapid-fire mouse button,’ and ‘how to stop giving a f*ck what people think.’ Online marketers desperately want to ‘growth hack.'”

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