Anti-Police Protest Turns Violent

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

An emotional anti-police protest turned violent in Salinas, California.

One person who was standing near the protest was slain, he was shot multiple times, police said.

Paramedics and police were trying to help the man when demonstrators threw bottles, bricks, rocks, and other heavy objects at them.

A protester hit the responding officer in the head, injuring him.

East Salinas residents had been protesting where Salinas police shot a man.

Demonstrators say officers used racist judgment and unnecessary force while killing three Hispanic men in separate incidents in 2014.

Police released the following statement about the protest:

“As officers arrived in the area to render aid to the victim and investigate the shooting, many people who had gathered in the area to protest started to throw bottles, sticks, rocks and bricks at the responding officers and the EMS personnel. While an officer was conducting CPR on the shooting victim, a bottle hit the officer in the head preventing him from rendering aid to the victim while on scene. The shooting victim was quickly taken away in an ambulance and to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. The shooting victim was a local resident of the neighborhood who was standing on the sidewalk in front of his home. Constantino Garcia had recently moved to Salinas with his wife and child.”


Salinas police officers wearing riot gear told the crowd to back up because they were establishing a radius around the homicide scene.

The crowd did not move back until the mutual aide officers arrived.

Police arrested a man on charges of inciting a riot and resisting arrest.

“Diego Garcia was in a crowd of demonstrators near the shooting scene at Del Monte Avenue and Mae Avenue. He taunted officers, antagonized a police K9, and moved through the crowd gathering followers. He was seen looking back into the crowd several times and encouraging others to join him. Garcia eventually approached a group of officers and began challenging them while taking a fighting stance,” officer James Godwin said.