Anonymous Is Helping Make the rEVOLUTION Mobile

Claire Bernish | ANTIMEDIA

This isn’t just a movement, “This is the rEVOLUTION.”

There is a new movement brewing that will subvert the paradigm of unsustainable and uncooperative living that the world, particularly the U.S., has become so accustomed to — and it’s mobile.

The Resistance Mobile Response Unit, brainchild of Fifth Column journalist Alex Freeman and supported by members of Anonymous, will combine the mobility of an RV with the cooperative mindset at the heart of activism to help journalists, activists, and anyone wishing to learn to live sustainably. What began as the desire to transport journalists and activists to the scene of unfolding events has become a vision to live outside the broken system on terms set by the community instead of the State.

“If you look at how much remains in a consumer society, versus how much remains in a community built around supporting each other, it’s amazing how much is available when we share with each other and give where we can. The thing about helping people is that there is always more to pay forward than ever received,” said Freeman.

By traveling across the country with a small permanent core team and a constantly rotating crew of journalists and activists, off-grid communities will be able to share information they might otherwise not have access to. The project has ambitions to balloon into a national movement. Freeman explained:

“If we are going to regain control of our lives, and take back the power, the freedom, and the rights that have been and are being stolen from us, then we have to have a workable solution.

This project contains so many elements of stand-up activism, direct action and indirect development of alternatives. It’s to hit the beat as a journalist; to feed the homeless as humanitarians; and to build and strengthen networks as communitarians.

With any luck, this will inspire those many others to follow through with the same. So many have such a tiny radius of movement. In the face of the police state and other highly mobile federal assets, I think there’s a definite need for a battalion of mobile activists across the country — not just those that show up in DC once or twice a year, or in Ferguson or Baltimore when SHTF there. But in the smaller events that still have significant implications for the future of us as a people, for the nation, and the world.”

So far, the crowdfunding campaign hasn’t garnered enough monetary support, but donations of time and necessary equipment picked up the slack — a former D.O.T. diesel truck (affectionately dubbed “Cheddar”) is being outfitted to pull just about anything, for one. As the project unfolded, like-minded people came forward explaining similar projects of their own. Not all the communities the RMRU project intends to work with would give themselves an “activist” label, but those who “steal” rainwater or build earthships and tiny houses easily could.

In creating a network between off-grid and other communities nationwide, sustainable agriculture, energy, and a barter-and-trade-based economic system will begin to develop.

Your help is needed to expand the project and benefit as many people as possible. Freeman’s Youcaring campaign has a goal of $7,500, which he emphasizes could be easily reached through small donations if people “chipped in 15 or 20 bucks.” If you are able to give, donate time or equipment, or just want to find out more, please visit the page here.

This isn’t just a movement, Freeman reiterated, “This is the rEVOLUTION.”

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