American Companies Want to Sell You Insect & Bug Edibles

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

An increasing number of businesses are trying to feed people creatures like crickets, meal worms and other edible insects.

Persuading Americans to eat bugs, something the United Nations has been promoting.

Bugs and insects can be produced with less land, food and water than other sources of animal protein.

The United Nations claims edible insects improve nutrition, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and create jobs in insect production.

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At least 2 billion people worldwide already eat insects as part of their diet, according to the 2013 report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Right now you can find the creatures online and at upscale grocery stores.

In America, insects have a “branding problem,” so businesses are trying to change people’s minds and palates by mixing them into familiar foods in attractive packaging.

“The goal is basically to make it easier and cheaper to produce industrial-scale volumes of insects that can be used in food products,” said Daniel Imrie-Situnayake, a software engineer turned entopreneur. “We’re really just scraping the surface in terms of figuring out what the potential is for insects to be part of our food system.”

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