All Roads Lead To Babylon: The History of Sunday

Kristan T Harris | The Rundown Live

The following article has been adapted from the preface of a new book Written by Kristan T. Harris, All Roads Lead To Babylon (The Great Conspiracy Trilogy Part 1 of 3, December 22, 2015 release).

Chapter Seven: How ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion is glorified today in the days of the week.

I am not an atheist or agnostic, if you are, you must understand that peoples beliefs effect your life. For example, I do not believe in racism, however someone who does, could impact my life.

Did you ever wonder why we don’t go over the meaning of the days of the week growing up in school? This is all because of a controversial historical and religious topics surrounding it.

The History of “Sunday”.

Sunday is the day we worship the “Sun of God”, not to be confused with ”Son of God”. The Sun of God is also known as the Wicked Ruler Nimrod of Babylon. Nimrod was one of the sons of Kush. Kush was the son of Ham (cursed bloodline), the lowest and least important of Noah’s three sons who decided to get on the ark. Meaning Nimrod was Noah’s great grandson.

Nimrod was greatly upset with God for destroying their ancestors and all the great creations of old. The Babylonian rulers anger made him ambitious and he spent most of his life convincing people to ascribe away from God , and teaching that it was by their own doing that they too could become like Gods (Transhumanism). That is why he was considered a great hunter in Gods eyes. He was the “hunter of souls”.

Nimrod found it difficult to acquire followers and decided the only way to get people to adhere to his ways was to install more fear into the people than God who he claimed to be a tyrant. This birthed a world of war, sacrifice and even cannibalism.

The root of the word cannibalism is named after Babylonian mystery religion practice. The Babylonian priests were required to eat some of their sacrificial offerings and so the word for priest, Cahna-Bal, became the term for eating human flesh, cannibal.

Nimrod married his mother in order to receive the “all seeing eye” and be illuminated under direction of Babylonian priests. This symbol can be seen on the American $1 dollar bill today and is represented in symbolism of secret societies and religions that partake in the mystery religions today. It was Bouniter, the fourth son of Noah, born after the flood, who allegedly invented astronomy and instructed Nimrod on these matters.

Most religions today are incarnations of the mystery religions. One of the lies the church tells you is why most of the world partakes in church on Sundays. In history old church wanted to woo the pagans in the Christianity, so they decided to change one of the Ten Commandments and now have church on Sunday instead of Saturday. Nearly all pagan religions trace their roots back to ancient Babylon even many Christian traditions.

When Nimrod was killed by his brother his body was ripped into pieces and scattered across the land. Which I believe is the origin of the story of the phallus of Osiris. When he died his wife and mother, Semiramis, commanded the world to worship the Sun in remembrance of him. He was also the first to be mummified in belief that he could be reincarnated or reborn. If the mummified remains of Osiris are ever found, elite occultists will do anything to get their hands on it and bring in the Anti-Christ. This is part of what secret societies will refer to as the “great plan” or the “great conspiracy”. Albert Mackey’s Freemason Encyclopedia credits Nimrod as one of the founders of the craft of masonry.

Research Molech, another name for Nimrod. You should Google “Bohemian Grove”. You can see these Babylonian traditions practiced yearly by top politicians, business men and elite bankers at Bohemian Groves “cremation of care” ceremony which includes a mock child sacrifice.

Nimrod is also credited for creating the world’s first and only one world government, unifying the planet and indoctrinated the earth with Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religions . He was the first person to wear a crown representing the “Sun” and signifying his position. That is also why every king thereafter garnishes a crown. It represents the “Sun of God”. Nimrod is born daily with the rise of the sun, and is laid to rest when it goes beyond the horizon. This is the true meaning of Sunday, it is an Ancient Babylonian tradition.

Monday is Moon Day the day we worship Semiramis, the whore of Babylon and who the statue of liberty represents.