AGENDA 2030 Invades Austin Texas

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President Obama didn’t go on a tour of Asia just to be consistently insulted for being a globalist pawn. Obama was attending the G20 in Hangzou, China signing away the fleeting remnants of the United States sovereignty over to the globalist’s 2030 Agenda.

Among the totalitarian horror this Agenda includes are mandatory vaccinations worldwide under the guidance of Bill Gates. The unleashing of GMO technology on the natural world in the guise of feeding the hungry. Carbon taxes that will increase poverty and create a serf like energy consumption. An introduction of a global tax that will make the IRS and the Federal Reserve look like child’s play. And a global implementation of smart grid technology that will be beta tested in Africa under the $7 Billion U.S. Taxpayer project titled Power Africa.

The socialist tentacles of Agenda 2030 now reach right into our own backyards. As Obama aims to essentially transform America by giving the poorest of neighborhoods an equitable stake in the richest of neighborhoods.

The Austin, Texas City Council is hiring, not electing, what will be known as the Chief Equity Officer. Three Candidates are in contention for the position.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler wrote “Similarly to the Sustainability Office which has a focus on the environment, we should consider the creation of an Equity Office, have Chief Equity Officer, or propose an alternative that provides such a dedicated. Such an office could advance racial and ethnic equity by looking at all the city does with a focus on equity, gathering equity data and creating dashboards, advocating for and perhaps staffing the quality of life commissions. The work would focus on tackling institutional barriers based on race and ethnicity and addressing those issues that interfere with access and equitable service delivery” Austin City Council Member Ora Houston replied “Mayor this is a great idea. Equity is a issue of ‘class’ as well as ethnicity and/or culture. Please include me as a signer. Ohouston”.

The main goal of the micro managing of communities via the disguise of diversity is to break communities down into sustainable megacities. A One World System that will follow the implementation of the United Nation’s Strong Cities Network replacing our local police forces, the watering down of the 2nd Amendment under the enforcement of John Kerry’s signing of the Small Arms Treaty and an engineered global depression.

UN manipulation of the human population of the United States has become a stark reality. A reality you won’t hear about on the mainstream news until its too late.

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