A Very Simple Message: Trust yourself.

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

This moment and this moment’s experiences are absolutely real, but how much of your perspective has been perverted by various cultural ideologies, beliefs and looping thoughts?

Terence McKenna asks you to do one thing – to simply trust yourself. Question everything, embrace chaos, accept others, accept yourself. Know who you are, know what your vision is, listen to your intuition, and take action without any kind of regret.

It’s a wonderful thing to learn to be able to stand up and yell “Bullshit!”. I did it when I was about 18 years old and it was the meme of the hour and it did blow their minds. It was uncivil. It was rude and crude and correct. – Terence Mckenna

[h/t HigherPerspective]

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