9/11/01, 14 Years Later, A ‘Truther’ Perspective


 Mike Paczesny

I remember when I was one of the few to question the official story of 9/11/01, many arguments and social media blockings occurred over the last decade. That was part of the transformation, letting go of the old way and system. I have changed so much as a person as a direct result of 9/11. I have made many friends I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t “WOKE UP“. I have became a better person on my journey, and many of my close friends have taken a similar path.

I’ve stopped watching TV, being wasteful, started thinking things through clearly rather than impulse, and just using some intuition. Helping people is now a priority. Even the ones that don’t want to listen, even those who still don’t see the forest for the trees. I have gone from being nearly alone to having a large network of some of the smartest most awesome people in the entire COUNTRY and WORLD.

Over an idea, an incident that changed history. Turning negative into positive. Isn’t that what us humans really are good at? We’ve never been ones to just put our heads in the sand. Heck most of you wouldn’t be here today without your great grandparents having the balls to challenge the ideals of authoritarian leaders. There is nothing wrong with questioning anything.

That being said, have some balls, investigate the truth, live for it. Don’t let them control your life. We are free, they are trying to stop that, and making great progress. But remember a truly free man has integrity and will do the right thing. This isn’t about the left and right paradigm, or any party lines, it’s about all of us doing the right thing. Ending war, helping each other, and just being truthful and honest as a human-being.