8th Grade Test From 1912 Shows How Far American Education Has Been Dumbed Down. Take The Test!


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Kristan T. Harris | August 13 2013 | 1:13 pm

In Kentucky, an 8th grade exam from 1912 was donated to the Bullitt County History Museum. The questions feature the fundamental foundation of education that we seem to have lost due to the dumbing down of the American Education System. This is a direct result of the Federal Department Of Educations involvement in your local education.

Now with the new standardization such as the “Common Core” epidemic  we can look forward to even easier tests that do not challenge our youth. This is a type of conditioning so that our youth cannot compete with the elite. The elite think in terms of dynasties most people live day-to-day and paycheck to paycheck. We discussed UN Agenda 21 and Common Core this with Rosa Koire on Friday. | Listen Here |

If you can not read the fine print or zoom in here are some examples of 8th grade level testing in 1912.


Define the following terms of government: Democracy, Limited Monarchy, Absolute Monarchy, Republic. Give Examples of Each.

To what four governments are students in school subjected?

Name 5 county officers and the principal duties of each.

Give 3 duties of the president. What is meant by VETO power?

Give at least 5 rules to be observed in maintaining good health?

Define Cerebrum; Cerebellum

Name the organs of circulation.

How many parts of speech are there? Define each.









  1. K F Swartz August 29, 2013 12:44 pm  Reply

    OK-which of these questions has relevance to living our lives? It could be looked at as a memory test, then the subject matter immediately forgotten (except for what is actually useful). Like many of the tests I had to suffer through growing up.

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