5 Stories You Missed While Tom Brady’s Balls Consumed the News Cycle

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Forget Tom Brady, here’s some shit that actually matters.

By now, everyone and their mom is aware that Tom Brady “probably knew” about Super Bowl balls being deflated to give the Patriots an unfair advantage in the big game. Despite the ‘balls-to-the-wall’ news coverage, Tom Brady’s knowledge of these malinflated pigskins will not have an effect on your daily life. But there are five big stories which we covered at Anti-Media this week that could have major implications for your life and the world.

1. One American Town is Taking a Big Step Towards Ending the Drug War

A small town in Massachusetts is taking an enormous step toward the peaceful resolution of the failed Drug War. Police Chief Leonard Campanello of Gloucester announced this week that starting June 1 of this year, “Any addict who walks into the police station with the remainder of their drug equipment (needles, etc) or drugs and asks for help will NOT be charged. Instead we will walk them through the system toward detox and recovery.” Read the whole story here.

2. Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA Data Collection is Illegal

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the indiscriminate collection of phone data, conducted quietly by the National Security Agency before it was exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is illegal.
A three-judge panel from the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the NSA’s program broadly collecting phone records of Americans “exceeds the scope of what Congress has authorized.” Read the whole story here.

3. Chalk Names Of Police Murder Victims Stretch Nearly A Mile In Baltimore

Last week, an artist in Baltimore began writing names of fatal victims of the police force along the sidewalk. She began with victims killed on May 1st of 2013 and wrote every name that was recorded until the present day. Names stretched from Penn Station to a George Washington monument in the middle of the city, which is nearly a mile in distance. Watch the video below and read the rest of the story here.

4. Untelevised Revolution: Inside Baltimore’s Massive Police Accountability March

In between the media’s coverage of “Deflategate,” they took time out of their busy 24-hour news cycle to demonize protesters in Baltimore, MD. The media attempted to paint the entire movement in Baltimore as nothing more than violent rioters and looters. However, they forgot to mention Saturday’s massive, peaceful march which brought out protesters in the tens of thousands, and was one of the largest police accountability marches in history. Get the real story from the ground here.

5. Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio is Being Funded by Private For-Profit Prisons

Marco Rubio, the US Senator from the state of Florida and current presidential candidate, is a direct beneficiary of the racket that is the private prison system in the United States. In fact, Rubio is the US Senate’s top career recipient of contributions from GEO, the country’s second-largest for-profit prison company. Read the whole story here.

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