5 Overlooked Cellphone Health Threats – And How To Negate Them

Thomas Nelson | HigherPerspective

In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer listed electromagnetic radiation from cellphones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” In many ways, the jury is still out. Scientists have yet to completely prove that there’s a link between brain cancer and cellphone radiation, but your wireless technology may contribute to other health problems.

1. Insomnia and sleep disruption.

Staring at your iPad or smart phone before going to bed could be confusing your body. Exposure to light like that an hour or two before bedtime actually suppresses the release of sleep hormones like melatonin and disrupts circadian rhythms. To fix this, keep the hour or two before bed screen-free.

2. Damage to your sperm.

Your smartphone actually comes with a warning saying that they exceed FCC radiation levels, but they’re usually ignored. When exposed to cellphone radiation, your sperm dies three times faster, and the radiation actually damages your sperm’s DNA. Instead of keeping your smart phone in your pocket or connected to your belt at all times, place it on your desk or elsewhere, at least a few inches from your junk.

3. Memory issues, ADHD

A 2012 study out of Yale published in Scientific Reports found that fetal exposure to cell phone radiation increased the risk of neurobehavioral disorders. If you’re pregnant, consider leaving your phone in airplane mode when not in immediate use.

4. Weakening your bone structure

It’s not just bad for your sperm, but a notably smaller study found that carrying a cell phone on your hip consistently led to worse bone density over that hip. To avoid this, don’t keep your cell phone on you at all times. Use speakerphone when talking on your phone.

5. Sorry guys, but erectile dysfunction.

So it doesn’t just blast our sperm away, but it causes erectile dysfunction too? You bet! One study shows that men who kept their cellphones on and carried them on their bodies experienced erectile dysfunction twice as often. Anything but that! But the fix is easy. Keep your cell phone off your body and don’t sleep next to it. Use something else as an alarm clock. Ladies, don’t buy your hubby a belt clip for his smart phone. Bad news all around.

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