40 Tons of GMO Crops DESTROYED in America, Media Blackout! The War on GMO’s Heats Up!

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“Though the controlled corporate media apparatus is suppressing the story, 40 tons of GMO crops were destroyed, prompting an FBI investigation. There has been a COMPLETE MEDIA BLACKOUT, outside of local circles has dared to mention it, perhaps because government fears that if the public learns that other people are getting fighting mad (literally), they might join in, and become an actual revolution.

It was only reported locally live on KXL Radio and echoed by the Oregonian and Realfarmacy where the ONLY web mention exists, hard to find because the headline wording is carefully avoids the most likely keywords for a search.

Here’s what happened — 40 Tons of GMO Sugar Beets were set ablaze (destroyed) in Eastern Oregon, yesterday. FORTY TONS — the entire acreage of two full fields of crops IN THE GROUND were set ablaze over a THREE NIGHT PERIOD OF TIME. That means ARSON. Evidence is that 6,500 plants were destroyed BY HAND, ONE PLANT AT A TIME.

That, in turn, implies A LOT OF PEOPLE were involved: would you want to stick around once a fire was going and wait to be discovered? No, someone (many someones) probably wanted to move as quickly as possible.

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A MOVEMENT, a kind of ORGANIZED REVOLT — and this is exactly the kind of retribution that many have warned was coming; when lawmakers and corporations refuse to honor the Constitution and instead engage in ‘legalized’ criminal acts such as enabled by the ‘Monsanto Protection Act.’ More than decade ago, environmental saboteurs vandalized experimental crops across the country in a revolt against high-tech agriculture. Foes of genetic engineering also struck in 2000, when members of the Earth Liberation Front, with roots in Oregon, set fire to agriculture offices at Michigan State University.

ELF’s position was that genetic engineering was “one of the many threats to the natural world as we know it.” But ELF cells normally come forward immediately to claim responsibility, because to them, its all about publicity to educate the public. Since there has been no statement about the recent arson this may have simply been Oregon Farmers who have said, ‘Enough!’ Another clue that may be the case is that this comes on the heels (two weeks) of Japan’s rejection of the entire Oregon Wheat crop for the year (a tremendous financial blow because over 80% of Oregon Wheat is exported) because ONE report said ONE field was contaminated with at least ONE GMO plant.

The rightful fear is, because of pollination processes, once you introduce a GMO crop of a given variety ANYWHERE, the wind and insects will spread its genetic contamination to non GMO fields, and thereby ruin the ENTIRE INDUSTRY for a region. In fact, Oregon farmers have tendered a multi-billion dollar class action law suite against Monsanto, joining a long list of states doing so.

Monsanto has experimented with GMO crops before they were approved in 16 states. They were supposedly all destroyed, but state after state is finding out the hard way, that Pandora’s box has been deliberately left open. But while other governments in Europe and elsewhere are passing laws to ban GMO crops, and burning entire crops themselves, in America, our government is passing laws protecting Monsanto from legal repercussions, and therefore, it seems, farmers are forced to burn the crops, themselves. This means that where in other countries, citizens are being protected from corporate crimes, in America, citizens are forced to become ‘terrorists’ to survive.

That’s how blatantly corrupt our corporate police state has become, I’m afraid.

This story was reported on by Political Blind Spot after verifying the claims we had seen circulating, and omitting those which we had heard but could not verify. Still, Monsanto public relations employees were literally paid to track down articles such as ours and try to argue that they should be taken down (we may publish these exchanges with them from official Monsanto email addresses).

In this case, both fields belonged to the same Corporate Agricultural giant known for embracing GMO, though trying to do so quietly, another reason perhaps big media has kept the story from reaching the Internet. We are talking about Syngenta. Nowhere on their US web site will you find mention of GMO, but that is exactly what the company is about. They have even lied publicly in writing on this issue with a public declaration. Yet their very corporate name shouts GMO.”

But it also raises the stakes and put lives and property at risk, and if it goes wrong, could indeed end up sparking an armed revolution, just as Putin indicated to President Obama.

Read more at http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2013/06/genetically_engineered_sugar_b.html

Read more at 40 tons of GMO crops were torched, prompting an FBI investigation



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  • Joseph

    Good move. I would have done the same. Now go tourch GMO’s offices around the U.S. They will get the message in away not expected. Very revolutionary.

  • Michael Torguson

    Jackson County is in Southwest Oregon, not Eastern Oregon.
    30 miles north of the CAL border, ~60 miles from the Coast.

  • None YA!


  • TD

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE ARE SICK AND FED UP!
    A solution we can all be a part of if we so chose….
    Be Careful though because the Patriot Act now calls this “TERRORISM”
    School Kids who do this will be called terrorists if …
    they can get us all to hate and mistrust our own neighbors and Family

  • jim

    Monsonto is the corporate enemy not GMOs, Actions like this make you look like a bunch of extremists who would destroy kill cows because they produce unhealthy McDonalds beef. Learn your science or shut the fuck up. You are destroying the lives of farmers and causing people to go hungry who would be fed by these crops. You are ignorant biggots.

  • stevieb

    You haven’t got a clue. Which farmers are being kept out of work? The ones who lost their farms when GMO’s were forced on to them?..the only ignorant one here( likely public relations for Monsanto) is you. It’s just fine for your government to destroy and kill tens of thousands of people–but citizens fighting back by burning down a crop of bio-engineered crops that have been shown to be potentially dangerous according to several redacted or buried studies? That’s not the way to do it.

    Do you know how pathetic that sounds? Do you have kids?

    PS. These crops are for being used ultimately as a weapon; a means of controlling the sustenance of human life- the ability to decide who lives and dies. A means of insuring any profits associated with their use will flow in the one direction.

    I ask you again – do you have kids? Because if you do, and they ever read that comment — you’d be a very lucky man if they will forgive you for it..they have such a wonderful future ahead…and their dad thought going with criminals against his own family was the right way to go…