10 SHADIEST Election Allegations So Far

There is now less than a month until the Presidential Election, where the people of the United States are forced to play history’s worst ever game of Would You Rather.

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Don’t worry Trumpolines, we’ve nailed your number one concern straight off the bat.

In the second Presidential debate, Donald Trump acknowledged that he had used a $916 million dollar loss reported back in 1995 to avoid paying tax for the next two decades.

On September 11th 2012 the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was overrun by attackers, and four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed.

Rich old white guy turns out to be racist? Get out of town. No please, literally, if you’re black or Hispanic you need to get out of town, according to Donald Trump anyway.

The Clinton foundation was originally set up by Bill during his time in office, and its charitable efforts include boosting public health services, helping child development, and promoting small business.

On Friday September 30th New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman instructed the Trump Foundation that its fundraising efforts were illegal, and that they should desist immediately.

Vince Foster was a Deputy White House Counsel who worked with Bill Clinton during his time in office, until, that is, he seemingly committed suicide in July 1993.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston has been investigating Donald Trump’s ties to the Mafia for decades, and he believes he’s found evidence to suggest that America’s future President may have been, and may continue to be in the pocket of the mob.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been accused of various levels of involvement in sexual misconduct scandals, and if proven true, it would be a dark stain on the American people if either were elected to office.